Meal begins at 5pm
Adult Bible Study at 6:15 pm


Adult Bible Study

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Led by Tod Tanner in Worship Center
Feb 6-March 13

No longer the moral majority, Christians today must learn new ways to communicate the gospel in the changing political and social landscape.

Youth Bible Study

Middle School
Meet in Room 116

January: “How to Be a Quitter” - explores four things to quit in order to experience change
February: “Awkward” - focuses on unlikely, weird, strange and odd people and situations that God used to accomplish awesome things
March: “Prove It” - addresses the doubts that many teenagers face when it comes to belief in God and dependence on Jesus
April: “Do Something” - explores biblical teaching on social justice and God’s desire to have Christians be His hands and feet to the poor and oppressed
May: “Summer Games” - uses sports metaphors of the New Testament to help students grow in their faith

High School
Meet in the Student Building

January: “I Don’t Have the Faith to be an Atheist” - an abbreviated apologetics course answering some tough questions on God exisistence, creation vs. evolution, and more.
Feb-May: “JAMES: Faith/Works” - this study will help students gain a better understanding of the book of James and apply its practical wisdom, learn how to deal with trails and tribulations, and learn to extend mercy, not harsh judgment, to others.

*See map below for class locations


Children’s Bible Study


Preschool Choir: learning about God through songs and bible stories

K-5th Grade

Kid’s Climb: learning how to navigate God’s Word through Bible skills, drills and thrills

*See map below for class locations